School Age Program

september 2020

We have had fun getting back into the swing of things and relearning what our new normal is in this trying time. A few of our older school-agers had an experience in math class when using their whiteboards, and when they where cleaning they noticed how the marker pooled and made marks on their papers. When in our program they tried something new with our art supplies. They drew pictures with markers and then wetted the paper to see the effect the water would have on their art. It started with drawing a design with marker then wetting the page, they first tried soaking it in the sink with water, but that was too much and made the paper fall apart. We then tried using a spray bottle and that worked so much better! They even tried different techniques to get different effects: “ I’m wetting the paper first then writing on it to see if it’s a different effect” N.“Get the run off coloured water to soak into the picture” Z and “Fold it up, spray it and then unfold it to see what happens” N.

Holly Schroeder BA Psych, Emily Yetman