School Age Program

November 2018

Egg-citing Experiments

This month in 5-minute science we have decided to explore eggs. In this experiment we have 4 eggs. One covered in vinegar, one covered in corn syrup, one in colored water and our control egg that has nothing on it but a happy face. We talked about what we thought was going to happen; Coming up with ideas such as; the corn syrup one will turn “glittery”-Olivia K, the one in the water will “slowly turn in to a boiled egg”-Olivia L, and the vinegar one will “crack up to pieces”-Emilia. Over the last week we’ve been measuring the eggs and keeping an eye on them. Our friends have even been doing observations of their own. We’ve noticed so far, the egg in vinegar is turning yellow! And the one in water seems bigger than the regular egg. We can’t wait to research and explore why!

Morgan Atwood PSW

Alyssa Haavaldsrud HBA PSYCH, Gerontology