School Age Program

november 2019

Geology Rocks!

After excavating our rock, we decided to break it open to see what is inside it. 'Z' thought it was minerals because it had parts that where shiny, 'S' thought that it could be amethyst. With the tools Lise brought to help excavate we decided to use to break it open. 'Z' came up with a plan to break it open, they needed goggles, a big box and it needed to be outside. When we acquired all of the safety precautions, the rock was taken outside, with a circle drawn around it for people to stand behind equipped with goggles, gloves and hard hats we put the rock in a large box to help catch stray shards that could get knocked off as it was safely hit with a hammer. When hammering the rock, the children saw sparks coming off the rock and they thought that the rock was either made of flint or had flint in it. From that they were saying/speculating“The sparks could catch the box on fire”, which they where shown it could not as the box was wet from the rain. When dressed properly we took turns one at a time to carefully take the hammer to the rock and try to knock off shards so we could investigate them further. Many jokes were made by 'C' at this time, such as “we are hitting rock bottom” and “let’s get cracking”!

Holly Schroeder BA Psych, Lise Charette McKay RECE