School Age Program

June 2018


Since the first day we opened, with Cash and Jen sitting on the floor in the vestibule, building with the Lego’s we began a year long journey of getting to know each with blocks as our foundation for learning. Whether it was Legos, Contraptions, Magna-Tiles, hollow blocks, unit blocks, wood biscuits, logs, tree blocks or Jumbo Jenga blocks the children’s ideas and creativity seemed endless.They built “bases” with the Lego’s, made a movie using the Magna-Tiles for the set, and using a variety of blocks and loose parts, the whole group created their own “urban city” that included an industrial and business district.

The potential for learning with blocks is limitless. Blocks are the perfect tool for building relations, and problem solving. From September to June the children made many discoveries about themselves and their peers. Often while at work, problems arose; someone broke a structure, someone had more blocks, who’s responsible to clean up…These conflicts were learning opportunity’s, moments to build on problem solving skills. By June the children were seen, confidently resolving many of the conflicts with some very creative solutions.

Not only did the blocks provide the foundation for building relationships, they also were instrumental in strengthening; physical & cognitive development, along with social & emotional development.Blocks helped foster skills in mathematics, science, language arts, arts and social studies. Reflecting on the year, there were many moments where this was evident:Zander & Emilia accurately sketching their structures. Noah, Zack, Cash and Danica creating “Guarding the Deaf Crystal” the movie and the sequel “ THE ALIEN ATTACK”.One of our most memorable moments was the day the group came together building their own “city”.During this moment we observed co-operation and problem-solving amongst the group. Math and science was seen, with the setting values on the products sold and wages for the workers.They displayed a good understand of how a society works, creating both and industrial area and business district.The group was working cohesively towards a common goal.

No matter what was happening in our program, it seemed blocks was the common interests and binding that brought us together. What an amazing journey this year has been!


Morgan Atwood PSW