School Age Program

october 2023

Guess what, at Corpus Christi, our awesome children made a time machine! They didn't use fancy stuff—just everyday things like apple sauce jars, yogurt boxes, plastic containers, buttons, and ribbons. It's like a cool science project! They turned those jars into the heart of the machine, used yogurt boxes, the pear boxes as the main body, and made control panels from plastic boxes and steel box. And you know what made it super cool? Buttons, ribbons with glue guns to fix all over it! They proved we don't need fancy gadgets to do something amazing. J, D, K drafted the plan on paper first and started using their imagination. C said, "When we travel in the past, for sure we must need food to eat, how about feeding sausages!" D was so excited about adding wings to her time machine. K added ribbons to decorate the time machine. J said,"Our time machine will have a number lock to go back". When we talked to them about their imagination they wrote their story of making a Time Machine! Imagine that—time travel with just some jars and boxes!

Poonam Arora BEd BA MA MPhil, and Monika Currie