School Age Program

february 2024

This week at Corpus was super cool. After the long weekend we kept up the energy of children teaching children. Guess what D and C got super pumped about hockey camp! In our team meetings, we shared the news about the hockey camp, and everyone was excited. They drafted a registration form which was open for the program to join this adventure of learning hockey. R, K and L were all in for the hockey classes! This week we also moved to the library for one afternoon and enjoyed reading books, having fun with the puppet theatre using different puppets. The best part of the week? The weather was awesome. The snow melted, and was warm. The children were over the moon playing in puddles and making splashes everywhere. We had a fun filled sports day. Children made a maze using blue mats - it was like an adventure! The hockey nets were also turned into a Mario game. It was so much fun and kind of funny! The whole week was a mix of learning and playing. It was a week full of laughs and teamwork!

Poonam Arora BEd BA MA MPhil, Marlene Salmonson RECE