School Age Program

october 2021

The children have been really enjoying gross motor play this month. On this day, they decided to lay the blocks out on the mat and use them as “steppingstones” for an obstacle course.

Gross motor skills are very important for school-age children, as it helps a child gain strength and confidence in their body. It also allows them to get the daily exercise they need and lets their body release the built-up energy they have from a long day of school.

The older children lead the group to safely go through the obstacle course. ‘A’ and ‘O’ had the children line up to take turns going through the obstacle course one at a time. They would adjust the blocks for the younger children who couldn’t quite reach the next step. This encourages teamwork and builds the children’s social skills which will help them in future peer interactions.

What would happen if we added other materials such as jump ropes or balls to the obstacle course? How would the children use them in their play? Would they make the obstacle more challenging or easier to complete?

Miranda Lange RECE, Sarah Johnston