Infant Program

march 2021

This month we have focused most of our time on our interests of storytelling, singing songs and finding new ways to explore art materials. We have also spent a lot of our time taking walks throughout the community. The children enjoy watching cars drive over a bridge and listen carefully as they hear their echoes when we walk under the bridge. We have made friends with some crows along the way and wave at many civilians and dogs as well!

As soon as an educator heads to the carpet with a story material, all the children are very eager and excited to follow. For quite some time, we have revisited the same stories and songs that the children have shown interest in. One of our favorites is the “Sleeping bunnies” and the children cue the educator when they want to sing the song. They lay down and grab a tambourine to signal that they would like to be sleeping bunnies and have an educator sing to them. Each morning, we sing to the children to allow time to engage and continue building meaningful relationships with them.

The children have also shown much interest with different art materials and even body parts! We have used many different objects for creative art pieces and even got messy a time or two. The children enjoy exploring paint with their hands and having the freedom to explore the materials in any way they see fit. We have also used music to explore how the children’s paintings change with different genres of music. Once the music comes on, the children’s art changes from little strokes to long strokes across the paper.

When we give children the opportunity to sing, dance, create and explore we give them the chance to learn and trust in themselves. When this happens, anything is possible!

Natasha Agostino RECE

Madison Myrefors RECE

Emily Skinner HBA Bed

Madeline Compton OCT