Preschool Program

September 2020

Purple, Red, Green and BLUE! What colour do you see? What shape can you find? It is so interesting to see how the children are connecting with these multi-coloured items. They are so open-ended and intriguing, our group has been connecting with them everyday in so many interesting ways! Using them to create lines, sorting them by shape, organizing them by colour, stacking them up tall, separating them in tins and trays, and of course transporting them around our room! Why are these rocks so captivating? Is it the smooth texture, or the vibrant colours? We are very curious about the cognitive connection the children have had with this material, really engaging their critical thinking skills as they interact together in our spaces! I wonder how this exploration will guide our play this month?

Megan Brown RECE, BAdmin

Don McMahon RECE

Kayla Sharpe RECE