Preschool Program

march 2021

Continuing our journey with MR. WOLF, the preschool group has spent this month exploring a few aspects of our furry friend a little bit deeper.

“Mr. wolf has SHARP CLAWS”

“Do you see those TRACKS! Who made them?”

“They are for scratching!”

The group has really connected with all the features of Mr. wolf’s paws. What do they look like? What happens when he walks/runs? How are tracks made? Can we make then too? To fully explore this topic, we have used a number of different materials to connect us to tracks and track making! It was clear through conversations with the group, that the mystery and intrigue surrounding how footprints are made, and the impressions they left behind were a captivating experience. Our group was able to discover the excitement of their own ‘paws’ creating different tracks… the appearance of tracks and impression in nature from animals and boots… flour creating outlines on our carpet from our bodies and our animals… inspecting Mr. Wolf and his long claws… we weren’t sure where this discovery would take us but the wonder and discovery with each track was inspiring of us all! Honing into our observation skills to differentiate between the footprints, tracks and paw marks created many discussions amongst the group!

Megan Brown RECE, BAdmin

Don McMahon RECE

Cassandra RECE