Preschool Program

January 2020

This morning L discovered a piece of cardboard that opened and closed. The children decided that it looked like a crocodile.

‘Crocodiles need eyes!- E (E began to take circle stickers and place them on as eyes.)

‘Hey let’s make a person riding the crocodile!- L (L gathered a cardboard tube and made a face on it.) ‘"have eyebrows on him because he’s angry about this crocodile"

‘How are we going to make it stay on the crocodile?’- EL

The 3 children worked together determining how to tape the piece on so that the ‘person’ would stay standing upright.

‘The crocodile is falling over’- E

They problem solved how to get the crocodile to stand up.

‘He needs legs’- EL They gathered more tape and cardboard and created legs for the crocodile, testing out the balance to make it free standing.

Ashlie Johnston RECE

Tawni Johnston RECE, BA BED