School Age Program

september 2019

Today, Sage was experimenting with our colour changing heat board. Oftentimes, the children will hold their hands on the board, causing the colours to appear in the shapes of their palms. But Sage had other ideas in mind …

Sage was holding the board against the sofa chair in our room.

“A ton of people have sat on this chair, so it’s hot. It made the board change colour” –Sage.

Next, she looked around the room and started towards a floor lamp in the corner.

“I held it over the lamp because it felt warm. It made it change colour just a little bit” –Sage.

“I wanted to cool the board back down so I held it in front of the fan! It worked, the colours went away” –Sage.

Micha Phair Early Childhood Assistant

Madeline Compton OCT