School Age Program

august 2019

One of the underlying interests that emerged over the summer is the use of Three-Dimensional materials. While painting and drawing have always been popular, it’s amazing to see how the School Age group has expanded their thinking by using other traditional art materials such as collaging with paper and cardboard, plasticine and earth clay. The group has taken this idea even further and the list of materials has grown to include a wide variety of blocks and construction toys, loose parts and our ever changing inventory of recyclables.

This has really given the children opportunities to work together in small groups to try and test out ideas, observe, re-evaluate and modify plans (marble runs and tubes). Even when working alone, the children have been given the opportunity to go into more depth in exploring and bringing their ideas to fruition.

It’s been so refreshing and inspiring to observe first-hand what the children bring ‘to the table!’ This is merely a small sample of the projects they have worked on this summer!

Don McMahon RECE

Micha Phair Early Childhood Assistant