School Age Program

december 2019

Today, Matthew approached one of his educators for some assistance in writing a letter to Santa Claus.

“Can you help me write a list for Santa?”

“I need to write my name on the top so that Santa knows who it’s from. Can you write it for me?”

“Why don’t we work together and use our wooden letters to spell out your name and you can write it on your page?” –Educator.

Matthew helped to find the letters he needed to spell his name in our large bowl of wooden letters. Next, we placed them on the table in the correct order. Matthew began to copy down each letter.

"Aw man! I made a 4 instead of an E by accident! Can I start again?”

After a few attempts, he was happy with his final product!

“Now I need to write … I want more cars!”

Madeline Compton BA BED

Micha Phair Early Childhood Assistant