Toddler Program

september 2020

V holds a rooster toy, and L holds a goose toy as the two take on the roles of the animals having a little chat. The two girls are committed to their roles, moving the animals around as they talk and changing their voices as the emotions of the animals change.

“Hi mommy duck” – Li shares, moving her goose towards the rooster

“Oh hi ducky” – Vi waves her rooster in the air

“I'm scared!” L shares as she puts the goose in her pocket

“No, you’re not scared it’s ok. Come here” – V

“Come here my ducky, oh happy ducky!” – L takes the goose out of her pocket

Building relationships and talking about emotions is so valuable for toddlers. It is so interesting to see these kinds of conversations in their role play!

Emily Chepil RECE

Sayshell Brown RECE

Madeline Compton OCT