Toddler Program

march 2021

E has really begun to explore her emotions a lot! E has always noticed when someone is sad or happy. She often labels the emotions of characters and animals in our stories. After documenting this, we introduced small wooden eggs with faces called “scrambled feelings”. These resource eggs come with a book that talks about all the emotions on the eggs: sad, angry, happy, excited, afraid, and shy. E enjoyed these little eggs. She found the happy egg and matched it to the photo on the back of the book and said “That egg is happy. He has a happy face!” She then went around the room, looking for all the eggs. “Where is the sad egg? Where’s the mad egg?” It was so amazing to see how invested E was in finding these eggs. She then invited her peers over and they sat together labeling and matching the emotions for a long time. We wonder how we can extend on exploring emotions in our environment and will continue to encourage and explore our emotions with the children!

Nicole Heath RECE

Sayshell Brown RECE

Kayla Sharp RECE