Infant Program

June 2022

As Spring was finally making an appearance, it inspired some discussion among the Infant Educators about how to beautify our outdoor space. While we are very fortunate to have such a great space, we felt it needed some personalizing. The idea that sparked the most curiosity was to create a child-friendly flower garden; and after some research we started putting our plan into action.

Since this space belongs to the children, it was important to have them as involved as possible. They helped sprout our sunflower and runner bean seeds by planting them in peat pots. We kept them by our beautiful windows and after about a week they sprouted!

The focus of our recent Family Celebration was centered around transplanting our sunflowers and converting a few of our tires into flower beds and a small herb garden. We had a fantastic turnout, our flowers were attractively arranged, and it was so wonderful to have that time to spend with the children and their families. Everyone’s hard work has paid off, as we have noticed how quickly everything has been growing. Also, now that we have our outside water access again, the children are able to assist us with watering! The children are very keen to help, and we are all enjoying the beautiful colours of our pansies and snapdragons. Maybe if we are really lucky we can get Julie to use some of our herbs and maybe cook up some of our beans once they’re ready!

Stay tuned for more details as the summer progresses! Do you have a favorite recipe to share that uses any of the following: runner beans, basil, chives, oregano and mint? Let us know

Don McMahon RECE

Madison Myefors RECE

Carly Baratta RECE