Infant Program

april 2023

A few weeks ago, the Infant Educators decided to offer a new art media to the children: plasticine!

Plasticine is an interesting medium for young children to experiment with. Its best feature is its texture; it has just the right amount of softness to squish and manipulate, but can hold any marks left behind if poked by modeling tools. It can get a little tacky to the touch if over handled, but can firm up fairly quickly. It can also be reused over and over again as well.

At this time the children have a preference for either pulling their portion apart into small pieces, or poking and prodding it with modeling tools, texture combs, scissors, or Loose Parts such as small lids and bottle caps. To challenge the children’s thinking even further, we have started demonstrating how to roll ‘snakes’ and ‘balls’.These basic shapes are the foundation to constructing 3-dimensional pieces!

We’re really curious to see how this interest will evolve! Stay tuned……

Don McMahon, RECE

Hailee King, RECE

Madi Osborne, Educator