Infant Program

april 2021

This morning after we were finished our morning snack and gathering the children were pointing out “trees”. We asked them if they wanted to go for a walk to revisit the trees and they exclaimed “YEA!” We brought some paper and oil pastels on our walk to further explore the trees by doing a tree bark rubbing art experience.

When we arrived at the tree children ran right to it and started climbing onto it, running around it, playing peek-a-boo with one another and finding lots of fallen nature surrounding the tree.

As most of the children were exploring, we invited individual children to come and “draw on the trees”. While the children made markings on their paper we used descriptive words like “bumpy” “squiggly lines” “tree bark” “back and forth” “up and down” “long lines” “short lines” (and the list goes on) to connect what they were doing to what we were observing.

With our Reggio philosophy we believe that with providing the children with a multitude of medias to explore their surrounding it allows the them to gain perspectives, theories and connections to the world around them.

Natasha Agostino RECE

Madison Myrefors RECE

Jessica Chikoski RECE

Emily Skinner HBA Bed