Preschool Program

october 2020

Shapes, colours and size; what do you see? Over the last month we have continued to observe the children engaging with their environment in behaviours that focus on ways to organize, sort and order. How do they see our manipulative materials? What inspires them to create in this way both indoors and outdoors? Taking the materials they are offered and separating them in categories, dividing them in an organized fashion or even positioning them in an aesthetic ways. We have brought out new manipulatives to support this cognitive interest further, maybe even offering new perspectives to add to their thinking! Transparent Gems, coloured poker chips, ice cube and muffin trays, transparent cups and different rocks. What cognitive skills are we engaging? Are there other ways we can foster this learning?

Megan Brown RECE, BAdmin

Don McMahon RECE

Kayla Sharp RECE