Preschool Program

february 2021

The many stories of Mr. Wolf have captivated us every day in this preschool room. Incorporating the tales, times and tactics that Mr. Wolf takes is enchanting as he uses his charm to engage characters in every story. We have tuned into these areas of interest regarding Mr. Wolf and expanded on them through the many languages that children express with: representations, model media, storytelling, outdoor play, family involvement, nature, loose parts, creative expressions, building, imagination and real-world materials. Mr. Wolf has come ALIVE in our program as we expand on his life by creating a HOME for him to live, STORIES which challenge tradition, CREATIONS involving many materials (tape, glue, markers, playdough, markers), TRACKING his prints all around the playground and BUILDING with blocks, logs and nature items supplied by our families. All of this has led to our discovery of a real-world wolf pelt, creating space for discovery and discussion within our group! The wonder and excitement of Mr. Wolf has been so inspiring and we are looking forward to taking more adventures with him in the futureā€¦ please join us on our journey!

Megan Brown RECE BA Badmin

Don McMahon RECE