Preschool Program

June 2021

“Ice Cream, Ice Cream, who wants some Ice Cream!?" The children began to talk about an “Ice Cream Shop” and used a variety of our Loose Parts in their play to represent this idea. To provoke the children’s theories, our block shelf was set up with some props to complement the children’s play and to see what direction the children could possibly take with this idea.

During their time with the Ice Cream shop, some of the concepts the children were exploring included:

Real life experiences in their Community; have the children been to an Ice Cream shop or restaurant?

Social skills; taking turns, problem solving, taking on specific roles

Money; exploring the idea of money (creating money, how much do things cost?)

The play extended for several weeks, and the children helped plan a celebration for our Ice Cream Shop by having an Ice Cream Party outside with our families at the end of the day! The children collaborated on creating a big sign for our party; and we gathered quotes from the children to place on the sign as they "worked" at their shop! Some of their comments included:

“This says ‘Your ice cream is coming.” “This says no people going in at the same time”

"That is everybody in MY ice cream shop making ice cream” “I’m going to make the ice cream”

I made a big T and a big O. For the ice cream shop” The store’s not open”

Don McMahon RECE

Megan Brown RECE BA Badmin

Cassandra Sheedy ECE

Sayshell Brown RECE