School Age Program

october 2020

Earlier this month, we delved into the art of sculpting first by exploring plasticine and then by using tin foil pieces to make our own creations. As the weeks progressed, we noticed the children were still very intrigued in the process of sculpting so we introduced air dry clay. It doesn’t require a kiln or oven to set and harden but has similar properties to pottery clay. We introduced the clay first on its own, talking about how it felt and what we thought it was made out of, before adding tools for the children to fine-tune and detail with. The children had many theories on what the clay was made out of and how the textures felt.

H: It looks shiny and feels wet

C: it leaves a mark where my finger was in it

A: It must be made out of little metal pieces cause it’s sparkly

“Sculpting” has been an interest in our room since the end of September. We wonder, what is so captivating about these materials? Is it the fact they can be molded into different forms? It it the texture on their hands and fingers? As we continue on exploring the properties of these materials, we will see where it takes us!

Kayla Sharp RECE

Emily Skinner HBA, Bed