School Age Program

may 2024

Exploring Volcanic Eruptions

Welcome to an explosive adventure into the world of volcanoes! The students got together for an exciting afternoon of exploration and education. What's today's topic? The volcanoes! They started by talking about what they already knew. A few answered: “It is eruption, lava and fire”, "stuff coming from cracks.” Educator asked what are those cracks, he added, “Magma”, "Its giant hill of enormous rocks”, “Its rocks of black, red, yellow, orange”, “It should be big and strong too.”

The following day, they began building the volcano. They used paper mache, flour, glue, water, brushes, and card board. After discussing how to make the construction more durable, they came up with the notion of adding more and more newspaper to the liquid.

The next day, they couldn't wait to experiment with what they had made. They decided to create a volcano paper construction using baking soda, vinegar, and brown water color because they were so pleased about the painting. Everyone was buzzing with excitement during the experiment, shouting things like, "Look, it's working, the lava is coming out, it's coming out so much, its like a thick color coming from hill." The second one used Coca-Cola and M&Ms, which they observed from the fence as one of the educators completed the task for them outdoors on the grass. They were incredibly inquisitive and thrilled to be a part of the "VOLCANO EXPERIMENT" the entire week.

Harmeek Kaur, Educator

Swati Sharma, Educator

Abby Skok, Educator