School Age Program

february 2022

Almost every day when 'I' enters our program, he goes straight to the art centre and begins to draw. He has been observed drawing characters from games, shows and makes up new characters as he draws. His interest with drawing has been catching some of the other children’s attention as well. We noticed other children are asking him questions about his creations and sparking their curiosity. to expand on his ability, we provided him with plasticine to see if he could turn his drawings into 3D creations.

In the photo, 'I' is mentoring another child while manipulating the plasticine and mixing colours to create new colours.

I “This is how I made the body”

K “Oh like this!”

I “Yes! Like that”

We thought this was a special moment to express peer mentorship and how others learn from each other.

Hailee King RECE

Cassandra Sheedy Educator