School Age Program

september 2021

The month of September was spent getting to know each other and strengthening those relationships, working collaboratively and most importantly, HAVING FUN! We spent a lot of time outside playing a variety of games such as basketball, What Time is it Mr. Wolf, octopus and many more. The children also enjoyed exploring art materials such as plasticine, drawing, modelling clay, paint, and beading. We worked as a large group to create some basic rules for everybody to follow; use kind words, hands to yourself, toys from home go home, respect the materials, respect the environment, respect yourself and others space, and have fun!

With these rules being created, the older children have been using them through peer mentorship. We have observed them asking others if they are okay and helping them when they notice that they are feeling sad or frustrated, reminding them of the the rules when they are breaking them, and playing along side them.

Cassandra Sheedy ECE

Hailee King ECE