Toddler Program

october 2021

Our Mushroom Discovery...

'T' and 'L' brought over something they had found in the grass and handed it to their educator who was drawing with another child on the ground. “LOOK!” 'T' said excitedly. “Wow! What is it?” Jessica asked “A MUSHROOM!” - 'T' replied “mushroom” 'L' repeated excitedly at their discovery. “Are there anymore? Let’s go look for some!” The educator prompted. 'T', 'L, 'R and 'D' went on a mushroom hunt “We’re going on a mushroom hunt! Gonna’ find a big one! Jessica sang as the children looked around on the grass. We are excited to explore these mushrooms further in the program with the children. Have your children seen any in their yards at home!

Jessica Chikoski RECE

Sayshell Brown RECE