Toddler Program

november 2023

Our children have discovered the passion for placement once again this morning! This time it is not just with their bodies but with their bodies and chairs. On Thursday and Friday last week the children were observed carrying the chairs behind themselves and then placing them down in different areas of our environment. Today CH initiated the investigation by lining up the chair along the wall and door to the bathroom. He started by placing the chairs in a row in a direction towards the wall and then continued his linear approach along the door and wall. After most of the chairs in the room were used he proceeded to step onto one chair and then step over the back and onto the seat of the next. His peers quickly noticed this investigation and joined in. A lot of bodies were manoeuvring up, over and sitting onto the chairs. Some of the children expanded on this by revisiting transporting the chairs by carrying them behind their bodies again. They would sit down on the chair and then pick up and go to another space.

Natasha Agostino, RECE

Jessica Chikoski, RECE