Toddler Program

January 2024

Yesterday afternoon, EB and LB worked together to create a large vertical structure. They started out by stacking blocks one on top of the other. As the structure became as tall as they are they had to do some problem solving and figured out they could use large blocks and the black stage box to stand on to gain more height. Once they reached that new height they started to welcome other children to add items to their creation. Some of the children added blocks, toys or family photos inside the hollow part of the blocks, while others added toys and materials around the perimeter of the base of the structure. Our entire group showed a sense of pride with this creation by showing anyone who came in our room the creation and also protecting it from getting pushed over. We left this creation up to revisit today and the children continued to add items to it. It lasted all the way until after snack time before the children decided to deconstruct it.

Jessica Chikoski, RECE

Natasha Agostino, RECE