Toddler Program

toddler 2021

This month we have noticed the children engaging in lots of dramatic play through solitaire play, parallel play and cooperative play. They learn from one another and take common life scenarios and recreate them in our environment. We have seen a lot of this play in the kitchen center as the children mix ingredients and make a variety of foods. “Cheese, cook with the cheese.” -K using chalk as cheese during an outdoor experience. “Chicken fingers.” E noticing the different types of play foods. During a separate experience we had out some buttons and containers for fine motor. The children’s interest came through strong as they took this experience in their own direction. They took the containers and buttons straight to the kitchen laying them out on baking sheets and stirring them into bowls. “Chips” one of the children said, describing what the buttons were to them. We’ve extended on this interest through many experiences adding open ended materials and activities too see where we can continue to extend on their interests. These moments have really opened us up to the interests in our room and shows just how much the children show you how they would like to explore with the materials given the opportunity. It’s so important to follow the children’s lead as they have so many creative and unique ideas to inspire us!

Nicole Heath RECE

Kayla Sharp RECE