Infant Program

June 2021

On Wednesday, we noticed that the children at the easel were taking paint to a nearby table and painting some plastic animals with their brushes. Instead of redirecting them and possibly shutting down a great possibility, we decided to bring some of the animals to the table to explore with the paint as a provocation! We added blue and brown paint and some brushes and the children eagerly explored the paint all over the animals. One child in particular was very meticulous with her paint. She covered every square inch of the horse with blue paint, working very slowly and delicately. “I’m using so much blue paint you can’t even see the eyes!” she said. She then began to cover the feet with white paint. It was so amazing to see her attention to detail throughout this exploration. We wonder, what would happen if we added water to the dried up paint on the animals? Could we explore the different transformations that take place?

Ella Saukko-Sved Educator

Kayla Sharp RECE