Infant Program

June 2021

Team Work

This morning we decided to mix things up a bit and immediately started our day in the gym. We have been observing the children really looking for ways to use their gross motor muscles, by running, lifting and throwing and what an amazing place to have access to in order to support this need.

Although we went in with the ideas of supporting gross motor, and we did so many amazing things (documentation to follow) what we wanted to share today was something that could have been so insignificant.

After playing we shared with the children that we would be cleaning up to get ready to go to the room for snack. J and W picked up a bucket and began filling it with the bean bags, the other children saw this and also began to help. Then one by one the children began collecting the balls and bringing them to the storage room. J put the bean bags away, W put balls away in a basket and C pulled a mat into the room, and with help put it away. L helped by putting some bowling pins away and Z wanted to close the door for us as he sang about cleaning up.

When children have opportunities to take care of items and the environment that they stay in they begin to build a strong connection and a sense of belonging, and self-worth. Today this small moment in their day increased the skills of being able to work with others as part of a team!

Tawni Johnston RECE, BaBEd, Laney Slack RECE, Amanda LeClair RECE