Infant Program

may 2019

Clint is fascinated with sticks, every time we head outdoors Clint stops to pick up sticks along the way. Marveling at the size and texture of his treasure, “OOoooing” as he picks it up for closer inspection. One sunny afternoon Clint had an opportunity to enjoy a leisurely walk to the creek one on one with Jen. Walking hand in hand we slowly took our time to walk to the “waters”, stopping to pick up sticks and watch planes leaving long jet streams in the sky. When we finally made it to the “waters” Clint enjoyed throwing the sticks he collected into the creek. He found many different sticks “big” and “little”… they were all fascinating. As we made our way back Clint stopped to look at the water from a higher vantage point, dropping his last stick from the bridge, calling “BYE!” as it fell into the water.

Watching Clint made me wonder…What is it about the stick? Is it the endless possibilities of what you can do with a stick, which fascinates Clint?

If you stop to think most children are naturally connected to the materials in our environment, whether it’s sticks, rocks or pinecones they are forever gathering these materials storing them in pockets or buckets for later use.

Jen Tervo RECE AECEO.C, Lauren Sutton RECE, Laney Slack RECE