Infant Program

december 2019

Bubbles, Feathers, Coloured Cellophane & More!

Recently the children have become intrigued with bubbles, feathers, coloured cellophane, shredded paper, and balloons.

This made us begin to wonder what it was about these items that has the children so captivated.

Could it be…

The movement as they float down?

The sounds they make?

The colours reflecting in the different light?

The feeling of the air moving across their bodies?


Are they noticing how the materials are transparent?

What do you think?

Close your eyes and remember what it felt like as a child when you first discovered a feather or the joy of tossing shredded paper.Think about how that made you feel. What drew you to that experience? What made you want to continue to re-visit it over and over again?

The next time you are watching a child discover something for the first time, stop and think what that was like for you, share in the wonder with them, re-visit those emotions, and celebrate the joy and excitement of discovering something new!

Jen Tervo RECE, AECEO.C Amanda LeClair RECE, Laney Slack RECE