Preschool Program

february 2020

The preschool group has been busy using ramps to create various bridges, and slides, incorporating them into their dramatic play!

'Na', 'M' and 'Ni' were carrying around the ramps this morning and laying them across different surfaces. They came to the trolly and the ramp fit so well across the jumping box and the spool!

Right away the children began slowly checking if this was “Strong enough” as 'Na' was saying. They slid across slowly and soon many children gathered around to try! As the walk got easier, the children began to test their skills further by jumping and summer salting off the ramp bridge.

“Don’t fall into the water” – 'Au'

“We have to hold hands” – 'Ni' “This is stronger” – 'Na'

“We have to go slowly” – 'Ad'

Megan Brown RECE Ba Admin, Megan Ahtila