Preschool Program

november 2020

Our very own Croquet!

The children have been exploring tools within our program. Today, we thought it would be a great extension to tie in hammers, marbles and paint. The children were very intrigued as they were excited to begin hitting the balls to make “tracks” through the paint. To tie in their interest of tools in a variety of areas within our room we decided to add hammers to the art area for further exploration. As they were engaging in this activity the children created their own ways to explore, some made a little game that they passed the marbles back and forth using the hammers while others were exploring how to make tracks in the paint and make their marble go “really really fast!”.

M: “This is going so fast like spider man”

R & C: “Hit the ball to me” ~ as they hit the marble back and forth to each other across the table

R: “It's so tricky to get it far”

A: “Look I made a line, it went way over there”

K: was very intrigued in hit the ball across the table and then she would go over and hit it again creating many different pathways on the paper.

** This was a great exploration of cause and effect, collaboration and it was a great extension on our current interest “TOOLS”, exploring the purpose behind specific tools (screw drivers, hammers, pliers, levels and so much more)**

Today we explored hammers in paint, we look forward to exploring further during our investigation on how tools work

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Ashlie Johnston RECE