School Age Program

october 2020

This month has been really about building new relationships and learning how to strengthen old relationships. We recently had a new child join our program. The children have been really good about making him feel accepted and welcomed in our program. 'T', 'C', 'C.R.' and 'P' especially. 'T' was happy to introduce our new friend 'I' to our program. While 'P', 'C.R.' and 'C' are happy to include him in new games and show him how things work in our program.

We also have children who in the past have been more reserved, but now have come out of there shells! They are building stronger relationships with their peers. For instance, 'N' is typically more reserved but him and 'P' have really started to build upon there existing relationship by finding the common ground of video games! We have also had our friend 'C' come out of his shell a bit more this month but starting to build his relationship with 'I' and strengthening his relationship with 'C' by saying “you know 'C' is my very best friend!”. As their educator I enjoy seeing the children build these relationships and learn new things about one another!

Bobbi Abraham RECE