Toddler Program

April 2019

With the weather nice enough to finally go on Community walks, we took this opportunity to visit the near by McVicar Creek. Before commencing on our travels, we had a meal time group discussion about what we might find along the way, and while being at the creek! The children’s theories were very interesting…. “Birdies!”, “ants”, “a baby”, and Aubree even let us know that we’ll have to take the “stroller!”, while Bode told us we had to take a “bike”. We asked the children what a creek was and received a few very interesting answers. Aubree said it has “ears, a mouth and a tale” while Miller let us know it also has “eyes”. While being at the Creek, we discovered some new things!

The children excitedly announced their findings:

“water!” – Miller “bubbles!” – Stella “trees!” – Bode “ice!” Rosalie.

Carly Baratta RECE and Lynda Moore RECE