Infant Program

may 2022

What happens when we bring an exploration outside into nature? As educators we know that this adds a brand new perspective to the experience; the natural sunlight, fresh air and shadows adds new wonder to the discoveries being made.

This morning we ventured outside to a wonderful transparency and light experience we had set up involving plastic wrap, paint and paint brushes. As the children painted we noticed that they were able to see the cars and trucks through the plastic wrap and would watch them pass as they continued to paint. S was observed many times taking a step back, observing the painting he had done and adding paint into an area where there wasn't paint before. Did he notice the light shining through where paint was not? Sh was observed walking around to the opposite side of the plastic wrap to paint from the other side. What provoked Sh to do this? Why did no others notice that the other side was also accessible? L spent some time observing the other children before taking a turn at painting. H and W were both observed moving their paint brush up and down along the plastic wrap, watching the movement of both the paint and the plastic together.

Tawni Johnston RECE BaBED, Amanda LeClair RECE, Kennedy Gemmell RECE