Infant Program

June 2023

In the month of June, the children have continued to be oh so curious of the fast blooming environment around them! Since summer is in full effect now, the children have begun to notice many new characteristics in our environment; one in particular being flowers and plants! As we have been going on more community walks to further explore our environment, the children have started to notice all of the bright colourful flowers all around them! As the children are further developing their language, they’re also able to label each colour of the flowers that we see in our environment! For example, as we approached a large cherry blossom tree during one of our community walks, Emily asked the children, “What colour are the flowers?” and L replied, “PINK!!”. Additionally, since the children have had a growing interest and fascination with flowers and plants, we decided to incorporate this interest into our Family Celebration! The children were so eager to begin gardening with their parents and their peers! K and C were hard at work placing plants into the soil, while F helped pack down the soil! I wonder if the children have experience helping their parents/caregivers in the garden at home…

Miranda Lange RECE, Emily Merenda RECE, Smriti Bhoray ECE BEd Ba special education