Infant Program

May 2021

Over the course of May the children of the Infant Program have been very busy in their growth and development. We have seen a tremendous explosion of vocabulary! The children have been heard singing along to many of our daily favourites. Such as: The more we get Together, If all the Raindrops, Boom Boom ain’t it great, Are you Hungry and so many, many more. Some of the children have been practicing saying each other’s names and will call out to them. The children have been really working hard at learning how to build relationships within each other and how do we play together.

What a wonderful sense of community, connection and belonging within our program.

The children have also been really working on how things work? They have been using castor wheels to replace car and truck toys in our environment and have been seen using them in so many various ways. Some children have found that magnet rods will attach to them and it is in this addition that allows the children to take on a whole other perspective of what they know. Many observations of leavers and handles have been had, with the children’s growing knowledge of how these devices can lead to different results.

As we head forward we plan to challenge the children’s thoughts and ideas in order to journey with them in this wonderful discovery.

Tawni Johnston RECE BaBEd, Amanda LeClair RECE, Laney Slack RECE