Infant Program

november 2022

Exploring Mirrors in Different Perspectives

Over the course of this past month, the infants have had a growing interest in seeing their reflection! By exploring mirrors, it allows the infants to strengthen their self-recognition skills, as well as to help further develop their visual senses.

Due to this fascination, we introduced mirrors in our classroom in various ways for the children to explore! We have fostered this interest by integrating the mirrors with other interests that the children have been exploring, such as attaching fidget spinners to mirrors, painting on mirrors, and by providing small mirrors in the classroom for the infants to explore at any time.

After finishing an experience where the children painted a mirror using their hands/body, we also noticed that the children love exploring different colours while looking in the mirror! We then added coloured transparent blocks to mirrors for the children to explore seeing themselves and the shapes in a whole new perspective. Additionally, we have been taking advantage of using the “Sensory Room” provided by the school for the infants to watch the bubbling colourful water lamp while looking in the three-way mirrors!

Carly Baratta RECE, Miranda Lange RECE, Emily Merenda RECE