Preschool Program

march 2023

Today was all about letters and our names!

The children have been displaying an interest in letters and identifying their names as they continually walk around the cubby area pointing out their peers' pictures and names. To support this we created name cards and with the help from our friends and proceeded to cut them out and laminate them. JD, M, R and W were very involved with the process of cutting and laminating as they quickly grabbed their own scissors and gathered on our rock carpet to create all of them. Once they were done they were pretty excited to identify their own name with some verbal support and prompting. ????

“That's my name, see!”- M

“Ya where’s mine?”- J

It's pretty exciting to see which children knew their names and also connected the beginning letter with it too. After our morning snack we implemented a group gathering where she introduced the new name cards to the children. This sparked a lot of excitement as she slowly went through them and identified each name. From there they were placed out at the art table with some paper and pencils. This naturally caught the attention of some of the children who then began to copy and write their own names! How exciting as we will continue to support and expand on this interest! We also discussed the idea of taking everyone's pictures and placing them out with the names so they can connect and identify them together.

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Leila Nagy RECE