Preschool Program

march 2022

Children Teaching Children

A Chain Reaction

Yesterday we added some long magnet sticks along with some loose parts to our environment. The children saw these materials set up on the table and immediately became involved using these materials. As 'A' began to stack the long magnets on top of one another he realized that one of his were not sticking. He looked at the educator and said “You need to flip it over so that it can stick.” 'K' and 'G' saw 'A' building with the magnets and came over to explore it themselves. As they were stacking the magnets 'G' also realized that it wouldn't stick. 'K' who had heard 'A' said to 'G' “You need to turn it around 'G'. Then it will stick” 'G' did this as he was so excited when it worked. 'K' and 'G' worked together alternating taking turns adding the magnets on the tower. 'E' later joined 'G' and began helping him to make his big tower. When one of the magnets wouldn't stick 'G' said “Turn it over” 'E' did this and to his surprise it stuck! 'E' and 'G' took over building this tower, problem solving and getting chairs to stand on when it got too big. Later in the morning, 'A' and 'C' began exploring the magnets and how they would stick. 'C' observed that his magnet wasn't sticking, 'E' who was standing a few feet away observing said “You need to turn it over!!”What an amazing way of how powerful children are to each other and how important children teaching children can be!

Lauren Dewar RECE, Selena Martin