Preschool Program

July 2022

It’s Like a River

Continuing to explore Trajectory Through Water

The past few weeks the children have been incredibly engaged in exploring the schema of Trajectory. To support this interest we have been adding materials and setting up experiences that will help to further the children’s discoveries so that we can co-construct their learning together. A Lot of what the children have been using to explore this is water. Maybe because it’s summer and there is more exposure or maybe it is just the perfect catalyst to explore this. Yesterday at our water day C noticed the water travelling down the hill and across the pavement in a line. She stood and placed her foot on it, and then lifted her foot up again and repeated this process many times. . The educator went over to see what was gripping her attention “It’s like a river. I’m stopping the water”

This was such a powerful statement, we decided to plan our morning experience around it.

Selena placed our upcycled light covers at the table on an angle and placed water, and eye droppers around it and sat and let the children discover this new experience.

The following is a detailed account of their words and actions:

A- If you do it in a big puddle it will just go down (let’s a lot of water out)

R- Look Selena! It just stayed! (only let out a small amount) R drops out a large amount onto the ramp.

A -sees the water is starting to run

A-It’s like a river! (notices his water is now moving to where R's water is) How is mine moving to where yours is?

Lolo asked A what would happen if we were to remove the block underneath one of the ramps.

A - No it would move way slower!

H- slowly begins dripping onto the flat ramp which pools and doesn't move

A - It’s not big enough! (Pointing at the angled ramp) It’s up more!

A and R begin taking turns dripping lots of water onto the ramp watching as the drips race down to the bottom

A - Mine is winning!

C - That one is going really fast!

R - I’m gonna mine go faster!

E watches H and begins placing small drips onto the ramp excitedly

C and W join their “race” and begin dripping onto the ramp as well. They both experiment with placement dripping on the end, middle and top of the ramp to watch the different speeds and paths the various drips take.

W - Mine is winning!

C begins dripping onto the ramp, rather than releasing one drip like her peers she begins by dripping two onto the ramp. She watches with excitement as two drips race parallel to one another before absorbing into each other and becoming one.

C - I made two! And now it sticks together!

At snack the children began revisiting their investigations of the water with one another.

A- You need to make it faster to win! I’m gonna squirt it harder

C - I make it go SO FAST!

W- but it only goes a little up and back down

Lauren Dewar RECE, Selena Martin