Preschool Program

June 2021


When an umbrella was placed on it’s side for shade an unlikely investigation began to take place. V.P had noticed that shadows appeared on the inside of the umbrella when their bodies, toys and hats passed the path of light on the outside of the umbrella.

Educators encouraged the children to continue this investigation of light inside using a projector. This morning the children were tasked with guessing what Selena was casting onto the sheet with her hands.

C.B “You’re making puppets!”

A.B “It’s a bird!”

C.B “I can make scary hands, see?”

C.W and A.B observed excitedly, to our surprise A.B ran to his cubbie and brought back his stuffed bunny, he held it up into the light with a knowing look on his face.

A.B “I made a bunny shadow!”

C.W holds up her stuffed bunny as well, watching A.B’s projected shadow

C.W “You look at my bunny shadow!”

The rest of the group flock to their cubbies, then flock back towards the projector to show their peers what they can make with their belongings.

R.G arrives “I can make a puppy!” Holding her puppy into the light

E.V was excited to join in on the fun by grabbing her toy leopard to hop across the shadowy sheet.

All children were eagerly gathered around, interested to see what their peers had to contribute to the shadow puppet investigation. Many of the children continued to revisit the projector, making shapes and movements with their hands, toys, loose parts and whole bodies, excited to watch the results and effects it made on the big screen.

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Selena Martin