School Age Program

october 2021

Over the last month the children in school age have been very excited about Fall and Halloween! The children were excited to decorate the room with Halloween decorations to get into the spirit of Halloween. Before the cold weather comes, the children have been exploring outdoor games such as hopscotch, freeze tag, and red light green light. The children also made leaf piles to jump in and bury themselves in. The children noticed the environment changes as we transition into Autumn and are eager to spend as much time outside as possible. Sensory activities have been the main indoor focus of the month as the children made “serums” with the water play and explored the different textures of water beads. The children have explored dilution with food colouring and water, as well as absorption with the water beads. The children are also focused on building structures such as houses, towns, and cities with the blocks and even creating intricate marble and ball tracks throughout the room.

Bobbi Abraham RECE, Jennifer Kesner RECE