Toddler Program

february 2024

Earlier this morning we noticed a child was taking the books down off the shelf; laying them flat on the floor, and then stepping on them. To offer a similar experience, we brought in some puzzle tiles for the children to use.

There was a lot of excitement around the tiles; some tried to connect the pieces, and others wanted to carry their own. The children did comment about some of the images: “A bus” “A car” But I wonder if they will be more intentional with the tiles once the novelty of a new toy wears off a little.

Interestingly, this particular play could possibly connect with a moment from late yesterday morning. After dumping out the basket of waffle blocks, one child began to piece them together in a row along the edge of the carpet. Could they be creating a specific representation with the blocks? Or, could they be investigating how pieces connect? We will definitely need to observe this further.

We also brought out a few more boxes for the children to use outside. Initially they were really excited about helping carry the boxes. However, the awkward size of the box made things a little challenging, and even with two or three children working together made carrying it a little challenging. They did figure out that they could PUSH the box along the path! After all of that hard work, the children moved on to a different activity outside, but it was great to see them trying to work together!

Don McMahon RECE, Smriti Bhoray ECE BEd BA in special education