Kindergarten Program

may 2019

The children have been very dedicated to complete their family home using Lincoln Logs. Anthony and Landon were eager to start their project everyday for the past few weeks as they constructed and deconstructed parts to make it represent parts within their own homes. Collaboratively, the boys shared ideas they thought would work best for their home, “The people need to have their own bedrooms”- Landon. “The animals also need to have a fence so they can learn to get along”- Anthony. As the house came together, Anthony shared that “the animals supply the milk for the house" and "one guy goes out to the fenced area each day to squeeze the milk out of all the animals." This experience caught the attention of other children and the educators as Anthony and Landon were recreating their home life/experiences through play. They were both very precise about adding particular detail that matched their own homes, including individual bedrooms, the fenced in yard, and the shed which are both similarities that they share at home.

Ashlie Johnston RECE

Robyn Larabee-Sereda RECE