Kindergarten Program

June 2019

As the weather begins to get warm, the interest within the kindergarten room had flourished into bugs. Outside, the children would go on bug hunts in teams, they would divide themselves into groups and search different areas of the yard to look for bugs that they can catch. When a group would find a bug, they would run to the other groups and show them what they found. Then as a group, they would all explore the bugs to identify the features they have. This exploration has been continued inside as well as the children explore the recyclable materials and begin to brainstorm different things they can create… “a bug house” says Joel…. “a bug catcher” says Hayden. Each child built their own bug house or bug catcher and then brought them outside to test out as they hunted for bugs.

Robyn Larabee-Sereda RECE

Ashlie Johnston RECE