Kindergarten Program

January 2021

Throughout this month, we noticed that the children were spending time drawing lines on the white board. There is magic behind using dry-erase markers as the children can quickly change their drawings and wipe away the lines with ease. We brought in an overhead projector into the environment to provide a different media for the children to explore their drawings. We wondered if having the lines show up on the wall would offer a different wonder to them, perhaps a new “magical experience”.

This week we observed the children drawing some lines on the laminate sheets and watched as they showed up on the wall. They also seemed curious about the projector screen that was pulled down on the wall. "D" and "L" spent some time looking behind the screen. We wondered what they thought would be behind it. The overhead machine itself was also a focus of curiosity. They moved the arm of the machine and watched as the light on the wall would move too. Most of their explorations, however, were focused on the shadows that showed up on the wall from their bodies and blocks they placed on the overhead.

We will continue to add different materials to the overhead for the children to continue their investigations.

Jaime Farrell RECE

Lina Maclam RECE AECEO. C. BA Bed